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Details of talks in 2017

Talks will be held in the Village Hall at 7:30pm

Prefab Museum Talk

Thursday 13th April 7.30 pm

Building the Post-War world - Britain's prefab homes

The Prefab Museum tells a story that resonates today and paints a picture of social, domestic, and working class life in Britain from 1946 to the present day. These prefabricated homes were designed to last 10-15 years when they were erected between 1946-1948 but hundreds have survived, lived in and loved by their residents. Elisabeth Blanchet and Jane Hearn, co-directors of the museum, will talk about the history and development of the post-war prefab, the architecture and designs, and the communities that lived - and still live - in them.

Iron Furnace talk

Thursday 11th May 7.30 pm

The Wealden Iron Industry By Gerald Baker

An exploration of a historic industry which dominated Britain for hundreds of years.

People and Heaths

Thursday 8th June 7.30 pm

People and Heaths, a mutually beneficial relationship? By Mike Coates of the RSPB

For centuries local people depended on their heaths, and the heaths depended on them. Find out how the heaths were used, and how that created opportunities for specialised heathland wildlife.
The talk will be followed by a Night Jar Walk

John Cooksley Talk

Thursday 20th July 7.30 pm

Blacksmith: Centre of the community or modern indulgence By John Cooksley

John, our resident blacksmith at the museum, leads us on a journey through his craft from the ancient past to the present day. See metalworking through the eyes of an artisan with a time machine seeking the answers to the Blacksmith's questions of place, style, relevance and hope.
—Originally 13th July—

Cycles & Cars Talk

Thursday 10th August 7.30 pm

Bikes to Buicks By Norman Emblow

Norman Emblow, project manager for the Deeks Cycle Workshop, will give a talk on the invention of cycles, motor cycles and cars. How did they develop? How did this influence society?

Romanies Talk

Thursday 14th September 7.30 pm

Entertaining Strangers By Jeremy Harte & Ann Wilson : The Story of Surrey's Gypsies

Jeremy Harte, curator of the Bourne Hall Museum, and Ann Wilson, Community spokesperson, trace the hidden world of Surrey’s Gypsies from the Tudors to today, exploring the colourful family and cultural traditions which have enabled the travelling life to resist and survive opposition.

Margaret Lennard Talk

Thursday 12th October 7.30 pm

The Bees at the Bottom of my Garden By Margaret Lennard

A beekeeper for over 20 years, Margaret will give an illustrated talk about her experience of beekeeping, describing the life of the honey bees and their importance to our food chain. She will explain what we can all do to encourage them to our gardens along with bumblebees and solitary bees.