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Domestic Scene


Post-war Prefab

Pre-fabricated houses were a quick and cheap answer to the post-war housing problem. The pre-fab provided a modern lifestyle with an innovative indoor toilet and bathroom. The "Arcon" Prefab at the museum incorporates items recovered from Bristol and represents the domestic life of the 1950's. The kitchen is equipped with the latest gadgets and the television is a modern luxury, but a far cry from the flat screen!

Outside you will find a Garden shed converted from a wartime Stanton air-raid shelter.


The Laundry

Our laundry display contains a collection of washday implements from before the advent of automation. Included are a large box mangle, washboards and tubs, along with some of the cleaning agents in common use.

On event days our Victorian laundry is open for business and you are welcome to pump your own water, scrub a shirt, use a dolly and mangle

Heating & Lighting

Heating equipment from early times - cresset fire dogs, basket, fork and straight spits - is on display. You will find cookers and heaters ranging from paraffin appliances to the elaborate wood-burning stove, Grand Rapids and a Victorian cast iron radiator. Methods of lighting on show include the candle lantern, Aladdin lamps and the Tilley table lamp which was pressure paraffin powered.


In the horticulture display are tools of all descriptions - secateurs, sprayers, a Victorian cloche, trugs, mowers, a Victorian lawn edger, a hollow bamboo pole made into a hand lance for fruit tree spraying, a Victorian lawn sprinkler and many other items.

One of the hand lawn mowers was advertised in the Country Gentleman's Association catalogue of 1894.