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The Playground

From Hollowdene Recreation Ground in Frensham

What could be more cozy than a Children's Playground! We all like the idea of our children burning off some of that amazing energy that they possess by exercising their muscles on the items at the Playground. When we Rustics were young, we had playgrounds too. They were not so elaborate as modern offerings, and we usually had hard surfaces on which to fall and scrape ourselves, but we still had fun. You can see the sort of thing we enjoyed, preserved at the museum, complete with many of the original items but without the hard, graze-worthy ground!

Originally our Childrens' Playground was at Hollowdene Recreation Ground in nearby Frensham, but it was considered unsuitable for public use by the Council. Many parents will recall their children playing there in the 70's and early 80s', before it was brought to the Rural Life Centre and completed in 1996. Maybe their children are now adults, but they will still recall their delight at the marvellous things there - and maybe their own children will enjoy playing on the same things, but now at the museum!

There are swings, roundabouts, a slide, and even an old electric milk float (named Tilly) for children to explore. These are all the kind of things that would have been in the original playground and, indeed, many of them came from it.
We ask that parents supervise their children's use of the playground and hope that modern children will get as much pleasure from it as we did in our time!

Even in the cold December months, kids will keep warm by burning up some of their boundless energy on the Playground exhibits. Indeed, some of the pictures below were taken during the museum's Santa Specials in December. We were all young once, even great-grandparents, so we understand very well – even if, as 'wrinklies', we tend to prefer the warm days now!

Children's Playground from Frensham Children's Playground from Frensham Children's Playground from Frensham Children's Playground from Frensham Children's Playground from Frensham