Building Custodians Weekend

Our collection includes over 15 historic buildings, from the 1880’s Bourne School, to the 1950’s splendour of the Frimley Cycle shop, Eashing Chapel and the Blacksmith’s forge, visitors can explore them all.

All our historic buildings are cared for by our team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers, many of whom were involved in dismantling and re-erecting the buildings at the Museum and look after them to this day, each building has a volunteer custodian who will be on hand during your visit to share the stories of their buildings.

Building custodians often allow visitor access to rooms and exhibition spaces that are normally off limits.
A schedule of buildings with custodians and special tours is available from the Museum entrance on the day of your visit, building custodians are subject to the availability of individual volunteers and access to some special locations can be volunteer and weather dependant

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