Dennis Vehicle Extravanganza

In 2020 the Museum was honoured to be asked to look after some of the heritage of one of Surrey’s if not Britain’s most famous vehicle manufacturers; Dennis.

Many regular visitors will have seen the historic vehicles of the Dennis Collection slumbering in the Frensham Building, or sometimes out and about at local events, and for this event they will be joined by many, many more vehicles from the Dennis stable, from buses to trucks, fire engines, cars and maybe even bicycles, where Dennis Brothers of Guildford first began.

The Rural Life Living Museum is extremely proud to be the home of the Dennis Collection and to be able to keep the link with Surrey’s most famous brothers alive a few short miles from their original Guildford home. Join us to celebrate the heritage and future of the Dennis name, we hope to be joined at the event by the present-day manufacturer, Alexander Dennis Ltd to show the present and future of this still thriving, internationally famous brand.

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