Hampshire Swing Riots of the 1830s

The Rural Life Museum welcomes a group of students from The University of Southampton who have been studying and researching the Hampshire Swing Riots of the 1830s. They will be presenting their findings on the causes of the riots, the military involvement in suppressing the rioters (including the role of the Duke of Wellington), the media at the time’s response to, and depiction of the riots, and how this has shaped historical views of the rioters and riots, and the legacy and outcomes of the riots.

The Hampshire Swing Riots were part of a large rural uprising across the South of England in the 1830s, although they were a long time in the making. They were in response to a number of factors, which will be explored in the presentation.

The presentation is free to attend, but an entry ticket must be obtained as space is limited

Tickets are available here

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