Village at War

Over 3 days this every popular event brings the sights, sounds and smells of 1944 Britain to the Rural Life Museum, take a trip back through time to see what it was like in a small village in the south of England while troops were massing and preparing to embark on D-Day, the invasion of France.

See how home life continued while rationing and air raids were daily occurrences, look on as American and British troops trained and interacted with the villagers, the big bands, the jive dancing, the NAAFI and so much more.

High ranking officers and VIPs will be visiting and inspecting troops and the RAF plotting room, even the Prime Minister may pay a surprise visit.

Join us for this very special event, hailed by re-enactors as ‘one of, if not the best world war two event of the year’. In 2021 300 re-enactors joined us and set up camp around the Museum for the weekend allowing visitors to experience what villages in the South of England may have been like on the eve of D-day.

Village at War is a great day out for families, enthusiasts and anyone with a passing interest in this tumultuous part of world history as we fill the Museum with period encampments, costumed re-enactors, period equipment and vehicles. Demonstrations and ‘incidents’ occur throughout the day, including an air raid!

Come and explore, bring a picnic and relax in our picnic area (under cover),pick a spot amongst the trees but be prepared to share your lunch with the local GI’s! Our café serves a wide range of hot and cold food and drink, our famous sausage rolls and of course cakes and sweet treats! For Village at War our café will also be offering themed food and drink options, so why not come and try our spam sandwiches!

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