Donate an Object

We would be delighted to hear from you if you have an object that you think might be perfect for our collection! Please do not bring your object to the Museum or send it to us without speaking to our Collections Team first.

How to donate an object
Please email with as much information as you have on the object and include photographs of the object if you can.

By emailing us with information and photographs, the Team can assess the object and check to see if we already have examples of that object in the collection. Any object that could enhance or complete our collection is then put through an approval procedure; this ensures that the object adheres to our Collections Policy.

What happens next?
The Collections Manager will contact you to confirm that your email has been received, clarify any information and to explain what happens next.

If your object is accepted
The Collections Manager will contact you to accept your donation so that it becomes part of our collection and arrange for it to be transferred to us.

If your object is declined
You will be given a reason why we cannot accept your kind offer of donation and where possible, we will suggest other appropriate contacts for you to consider next.

Milk Bottles

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