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Home Education Sessions 2024
Meet with a member of our Learning Team every other Wednesday to take part in sessions designed for home educated children in our beautiful museum building and grounds. These primary school aged sessions will include hands-on activities, games, crafts, and learning with topics changing each week.
10:30 – 12pm. Every other Wednesday, starting February 21st 2024.
Please note these sessions will not be running during Surrey School Holidays.
£8 per child per session.
Pre-Booking essential. One accompanying adult and under 4’s goes free. Any additional adults will be charged normal admission price.
Please note there is a maximum of 15 children in a session. The café will be open for hot drinks and food before and after the sessions.

S1: Wednesday February 21st – Building a Home.
Assist our Museum Team in creating a comfortable habitat for hedgehogs!
It’s time to dust off your toolkit and get ready to help! Our team needs assistance to build a warm and cosy environment for our little hedgehog friends as they prepare to emerge from hibernation in the spring.

S2: Wednesday March 6th – ‘Are you sitting comfortably?’ – Storymaking Session.
Get Ready for World Book Day!
Join us in celebrating World Book Day tomorrow, March 7th, by unleashing your creativity and storytelling skills! We are going to create a story together, so don’t forget to dress up as your favourite book character. Let’s make it a memorable day, one for the storybooks!

S3: Wednesday March 20th – Exploring the roots of farming: a time travel experience.
What exactly is a farm? Have you ever wondered how we got our food before the rise of supermarkets? Join us on a journey through time to discover how farmers worked in the past.

S1: Wednesday April 17th – Busy Bees
Discover the buzz about bees!
Join us to learn about the busy bees and their vital role in our ecosystem. Find out how you can support their cause and why it matters.

S2: Wednesday May 1st – May Day Celebrations
Find out about the origins of May Day celebrations.
Uncover the history of May Day celebrations, who participated, and learn how you too can participate in the festivities!

S3: Let’s Go Time Travelling: Scrub a-dub-dub.
Let’s travel back in time to the Victorian Era – it’s laundry day!
Join our Victorian housemaid as she tackles the day’s laundry. And if you’re looking for more excitement, there are plenty of other household chores to keep you busy – no need to worry about getting bored.

S1: Wednesday June 5th – Tractors in transit
Meet and greet with our trusty tractors!
Join us for a tour with our Working Objects team and explore the various vehicles we have on site. Listen to the rumble of the engine and feel the power of the wheels.

S2: Wednesday June 19th – Celebration of summer
Let’s celebrate summer with arts and crafts!
Get ready for a fun-filled summer celebration! Don’t forget to bring your sunhat and shades to stay cool. We have plenty of arts and crafts planned, so be sure to come prepared to unleash your creativity!

S3: Wednesday July 3rd – Summer Sports
Discover the history of summer sports.
Get ready to stretch those legs and limber up! Come and learn about the history of your favourite summer sports. You can even get a glimpse of the sports equipment used in the past. And who knows? You might even have time for a quick game!

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