Lord Hopton’s Encampment

Lord Hopton’s Encampment, English Civil War, 15th & 16th June Living History

Its 1643, Farnham Castle is held by Sir William Waller for Parliament, Sir Ralph Hopton’s Royalist Army are advancing across Hampshire and the two will soon meet in Farnham Park…

Whilst the real events that saw clashes between Waller and Hopton actually occurred in November, we have chosen to represent Lord Hopton’s encampment at Tilford, in June to take advantage of the warmer weather!

As local events during the first English Civil War played out around Farnham, Odiham and Alton, culminating in Hopton’s defeat at Cheriton in March 1644, Hopton commented, ‘While these two armies lay at Odiham and Farnham scarce a day passed without some action’.

So join us and immerse yourselves in living history 17th century style as the Museum plays host to Lord Hopton’s regiment. Visitors will be able to explore the Museum, see the encampment and living history displays from sail making and dress making, to the 17th century kitchen, laundry and officers quarters. See Hopton’s regiment as they work through drill on the green, and expect skirmish with Parliament!

We are especially pleased to be welcoming Lord Hopton’s Regiment of Foote to the Rural Life Museum for 2024, this will be an event not to be missed!


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