Village at War

May, 1944. Allied troops amass in the towns and villages of the South of England in preparation for the largest amphibious landing of troops the world has ever seen…

Villager brace themselves as in the distance can be heard the rumbling of heavy trucks, heralding the arrival of the Americans in Tilford.

Tilford, a Village at War is one of the premier second world war re-enactment events in the UK and the Rural Life Museum is pleased and proud to host this outstanding event once again in 2024.

The day begins and ends with the colours ceremony on the village green, visitors explore the military encampments, visit the control room, witness bomb disposal, learn about rationing and the war on the home front and experience the chaos of an air raid. Don’t forget to drop into the Frensham dance hall and take a turn round the dance floor!

Village at War is an event not to be missed!

Visitors are encouraged to dress in period clothing to really experience the atmosphere (but its not essential!).

Visitors are warned that this event includes loud bangs and gunfire at notified times during the day.


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