Our Exhibits

Shepherds Hut

Green Shepherd's hut

Henry Jackson, our museum founder, clearly remembered collecting the Shepherd's Hut from its previous home in Basingstoke, where it had been in use as a garden shed. 

Arcon Prefab


At the end of the Second World War, servicemen returned to a severe housing shortage. The Government's short term solution was the construction of pre-fabricated homes (prefabs).

The Granary

Granary building raised off ground

The 18th century Granary was rescued from Borelli Yard in Farnham during an archaelogical excavation in 1985, when development meant it would otherwise be demolished.

Eashing Chapel


The Chapel is a very visible building at the Rural Life Centre. Originally it was built in 1857 as a Congregational Church breakaway from the established church, and came from Eashing.

Childrens Playground

Childrens swings and slide

Our Childrens' Playground came from Hollowdene Recreation Ground in nearby Frensham, but it was considered unsuitable for public use by the Council.

Village Hall


Lindford Village Hall, once attached to Lindford Methodist Chapel, was used by many groups.

Henry's Yard


 This is the site of the original museum from which the Rural Life Centre grew. You will find here the Wealden iron furnace, the blacksmiths forge, domestic interiors room from both the Victorian age and the 1930s and a brewing exhibition. 




An exhibition on the Polish community that lived in the ex-military camp at local village Thursley from 1947 to the 1960s. The Tweedsmuir Exhibition was opened by Polish Consul to London in August of 2012.   


Cottage in woods

 Built in 1920 from flat pack it was used as a holiday chalet in Box Hill, Surrey.  

Seal Building


 Houses collection of pedestrian tractors and ploughs . 

Waggon Shed


 Houses collection of wagons from the different counties of England, agriculture to transport. 

Gibbs Building


 Collection of Ransome machinery exhibition.  

Churt Building


 Contains a shepherding exhibition and a wood turners workshop which you can see in action on special weekends. Further into the building you can watch a video showing the history of the museum.  

Tilford Building


 A large barn housing various shop exhibits; cobblers, photographer, vets, bakery and wheelwright. There is also a WW2 exhibit, a large dolls house and a horse drawn vehicle collection.  

Anderson Shelter

Andersen shelter outside

 Anderson shelter made from galvanised metal with a door. The roof is covered with earth and the sides with sand bags. Inside is a table, cups and saucers, tea pot, kettle, lamps, stirrup pump, bucket and portable lavatory. The shelter was used as a tool shed in somebody's garden before coming to the Rural Life Centre. 

Plough Gallery


Collection of ploughs.



 Our laundry dates from the end of the 19th century. It was used, when the British Army established their new base at Aldershot, for clothing and bedding until the opening of the large Hale Laundry.  

Frensham Building


Houses a corn handling exhibit, threshing machine, elevator, small carts, fire engines, timber handling and stable.   



Bourne School's "Tin Hut" classroom was erected at the school in 1909 and was in constant use until 2004. Transferred to Rural Life Centre in 2005 with Heritage Lottery Grant. Contains some original science lab furniture and other schoolroom pieces



A late 19th century wooden cricket pavilion from the Holloway Hill recreation ground in Godalming. 

Deeks Cycle Workshop


 The building was originally constructed for the Deeks family in 1912. It was used as a Blacksmith, Cycle Sales, Motorcycle and Car Repairs plus Petrol Sales. In 2014 the building was demolished and rebuilt at the Museum. 

Wood yard


Our working wood yard processes felled trees into usable timber for museum buildings and projects. 

Brick carver & hand tool


A display of the art of brick carving and an exhibit of hand tools used in a variety of industries through the ages.