Our Exhibits

Shepherds Hut

Green Shepherd's hut

Henry Jackson, our museum founder, clearly remembered collecting the Shepherd's Hut from its previous home in Basingstoke, where it had been in use as a garden shed. 

Arcon Prefab


At the end of the Second World War, servicemen returned to a severe housing shortage. The Government's short term solution was the construction of pre-fabricated homes (prefabs).

The Granary

Granary building raised off ground

The 18th century Granary was rescued from Borelli Yard in Farnham during an archaelogical excavation in 1985, when development meant it would otherwise be demolished.

Eashing Chapel


The Chapel is a very visible building at the Rural Life Centre. Originally it was built in 1857 as a Congregational Church breakaway from the established church, and came from Eashing.

Childrens Playground

Childrens swings and slide

Our Childrens' Playground came from Hollowdene Recreation Ground in nearby Frensham, but it was considered unsuitable for public use by the Council.

Village Hall


Lindford Village Hall, once attached to Lindford Methodist Chapel, was used by many groups.