Building Maintenance Details

• Reports To: Operations Manager / Collections Manager

• Meets on Thursdays

With 20 historic buildings and many other facilities and storage structures on site, keeping up with the maintenance is a challenge! We welcome both skilled and unskilled volunteers to the Buildings Maintenance Team.

Tasks are many and varied, and whilst the Team report normally to the Operations Manager, where maintenance or restoration work is being carried out on historic buildings, the Collections Manager will work with the team to specify and agree those works. Sometimes the simplest tasks are the most important, from gutter clearance and rainwater systems maintenance, through basic plumbing and electrics, a wide range of skills, determination, and a love of getting stuck into a task is a must.

We are always looking for good painters to keep us looking smart. More skilled trades such as carpentry, brick laying and roofing are very welcome. Not all work is mending and making good, occasionally the opportunity to acquire a new building comes along, and this is where the Buildings Team come into their own, dismantling, moving and re-erecting whole buildings.

Other tasks on site often include improvements, from installing pathways, steps, and ramps, to paving and fencing to help our visitors get around safely. Hands on skills and determination are a must, but we also like to appreciate what we do, so the ability to stand back, with a cup of tea and appreciate the work is also a great skill! Of course, buildings are not all hands on, we would love help from individuals to survey buildings, plan and cost maintenance tasks and manage projects.

We have a variety of equipment available on site for the practical work, including a well-equipped carpentry workshop, and for volunteers who want to get involved with the planning and admin that all these buildings bring, a desk in a warm office is also available to you! If you want to get stuck in, we could really do with your help, please use the form below to get in touch with Rob.

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