Collections Team Details

Collection Team Details

• Reports To: Collections & Public Programmes Manager – Madeleine Howard

• Meets as individuals or small groups Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays throughout the year.

The Collections Team are the heart and soul of the Museum, and whilst often unseen by the public, without this team working away in the background we could not maintain the collection and continue our Founder’s legacy.

The Collection contains many historic buildings, around 30,000 individual objects, an archive, and a library. We are currently working on a large-scale collections review to facilitate our plans for the collection and future exhibitions, new objects are always being added, and as we build and develop the collection, disposals are regular. Collections Team members are often out and about in the Museum, auditing exhibits, finding objects, surveying for object condition reports, and improving our collections storage.

We operate E-Hive Online Collections Management system, so basic computer skills are an advantage, however training and guidance can be given. Collections Team Volunteers have the opportunity to handle collections, work with the archive, plan and build exhibitions and most importantly play a primary role in what the Museum is.

We are passionate about showing our collection to the public, continuing to collect and diversify the stories we have to tell. Most Collections Team Volunteers work with us on a regular one day a week, however, if you have more time, there is always more to do!

Not all the collections tasks are physical, a large part of the work we undertake is desk-based inputting to the database and working on digitising collections to improve access to it. Our collection is extremely diverse, full of oddities as well as items of everyday life, there is a surprise round every corner, if you would like to join us in exploring and caring for the collection, please use the form to get in touch with Madeleine.

- This volunteering role will suit anyone who is fit, active and happy to get their hands dirty

- Good attention to detail

- Basic IT skills are essential

- Happy working on their own and as part of a team

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