Woodyard and Working Objects

Our Woodyard and working objects teams meet on various days, primarily Tuesdays and weekends where demonstrations occur. If you have a passion for things mechanical, then this could be the place for you. Our collection of working objects ranges from a vast array of stationary engines to tractors, agricultural equipment, bicycles and of course a working woodyard. The woodyard has a number of different saw benches from a modern band mill to a turn of the century rack saw, driven by a variety of stationary engines, including a large portable steam engine to drive the main saw bench. There is much to do in this area of the museum from maintaining and operating the collection to ground up restorations bringing new objects back to life.

Woodyard and Working Objects Team Details

This is an active role.

The Woodyard and Working Objects Team usually meet at the weekend and often provide working content for many of our events.

All training will be provided. This role includes working both as part of a team and on your own. Tasks may include woodworking, woodturning, green woodworking and timber production. Some maintenance of the Museum’s Arboretum and Woodland Walks may also be required.

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